Green Schoolyard
In 2013, Stanton was awarded a grant from the Community Design Collaborative to redesign Stanton’s schoolyard and on February 1, 2018, the schoolyard will open for the school and community. Click here to learn more..

Bilingual Butterflies
Bilingual Butterflies brings spanish immersion classes to K-3 students weekly. Bilingual Butterflies uses the ‘Immersion’ method of teaching a foreign language. Children learn the language through songs, puppetry, storytelling, and other interactive activities. In each class they incorporate real life scenarios that children can relate to. Using these every day scenarios ensures that children feel a level of familiarity with words they’ve never heard before and therefore more comfortable with the “foreign” aspect.

First LEGO League/LEGO Club
The First LEGO League (known as FLL) is an international competition open to elementary and middle school students (ages 9–14) which promotes science, technology, engineering and math. E.M. Stanton is a ‘Foundation team’ and receives a fairly large grant from the LEGO Foundation–administered by UPenn–and additional assistance from us. Each year in August, a new challenge is announced that focuses on a different real-world topic related to the sciences. This year the challenge was Animal Allies; next year’s challenge is going to be Hydro-dynamics.

Mini Grants
We provide teachers with mini-grants to implement activities that facilitate student development, enhance the classroom curriculum, encourage excellence through creative learning, promote community/school partnerships, and excite and motivate children to explore and learn. Click here to learn more…

Young PlayWrights
Through this program a classroom teacher and a theatre professional work with student writers to inspire collaboration, perseverance, and transformation.  Each student in the program writes at least a full scene, and most complete one-act plays.

8th Grade Awards
Since 2015, we worked with the 8th grade teachers to identify and present the following awards to four 8th graders at their graduation in June:

  • Octavius Catto Award for Achievement in Leadership
  • Edwin Stanton Award for Achievement in Perseverance
  • Marian Anderson Award for Achievement in the Arts
  • Julian Abele Award for Achievement in Academics

Each student receives a framed certificate and $25 Visa gift card. The name of each recipient is added on a plaque hung at the school.