Innovative Mini-Grant Program

Stanton Community Partners is pleased to announce that it is accepting proposals for Innovation Mini-Grants to fund new and inventive projects at E.M. Stanton School. The program is designed to provide teachers with the opportunity to implement activities to:

  • Facilitate student development
  • Enhance the classroom curriculum
  • Encourage excellence through creative learning
  • Promote community/school partnerships
  • Excite and motivate children to explore and learn


Innovation Grants have a maximum award of $500. However, applicants may contact the SCP board if the amount the project requirements exceed the maximum and SCP may choose to waive the $500 cap on a project-by-project basis. To apply for funding under the Innovation Mini-Grant program, teachers should complete the Mini-Grant Application and submit via email to A Peer Review Committee will evaluate the proposal.  SCP expects the Peer Review Panel be comprised of two ‘non-applicant’ teachers, the principal, the President of the SAC and one SCP trustee. It will be chaired by the President of SCP, who will not vote. All other panel members will have equal voice and vote. Based upon their review, the proposal will be recommended to the SCP Board of Trustees for funding, returned with suggestions for resubmitting, or declined.


Evaluation criteria include:

  • Is the proposed project innovative or creative?
  • Does the project significantly enhance the classroom curriculum?
  • Will the students find the project or program exciting, interesting and challenging?
  • Is the proposal complete?


The deadline for the submission of grant applications is February 1st, 2015. The recipients for this round of Innovation Mini-Grants will be announced in March 2015. Projects can begin immediately after notification or at a later date. Funds must be expended by January 1, 2016. If you have any questions regarding the Innovation Mini-Grants program or the application process, please e-mail SCP at


Please keep in mind that, as a general rule, funding is not provided for:

  • Anything which should be paid for by the Board of Education
  • District staff salary or stipend
  • Equipment, supplies, materials that are not part of an innovative or creative project


The application can be downloaded here:  SCPMini-GrantApplication

PROPOSAL DEADLINE – February 1, 2015.  All submissions should be sent via email to mini