About Stanton Community Partners

Stanton Community Partners was organized in 2013 to provide independent financial support to the E.M. Stanton Public School and to mobilize broad community support for the school and for public education in the school’s South Philadelphia neighborhood.  The organization works closely with Stanton’s School Advisory Council to identify activities that enrich Stanton’s programs and promote Stanton within the community.


Stanton Community Partners meets  on the first Monday of each month at 6:30 pm. Meetings are open to all interested parties, and are held at the SOSNA office at 1900 Christian Street.  For more information, please contact us!

The board of Stanton Community Partners is comprised of current parents and community members, and includes representation from the Stanton’s School Advisory Council.



SCP Board Members James Wright, Jill Scott, Emily Stromberg, Florence Mickens, and Lauren DellaCava